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"My experience with Hopscotch has always been a pleasure!! Robin Sizemore has consistently shown passion for orphans and adoption, as well as the highest level of commitment to excellence. Robin has always been very supportive of Resources4adoption and our mission. She understands the importance of helping others...which means a great deal. Go Hopscotch!"
—Cherri Walrod, Founder and Executive Director of Resources4adoption




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Do You Need a Home Study or Post Placement Report?

For Home Study Service Fees for North Carolina or New York residents.

So you don't live in New York and North Carolina, but you need a Hague compliant home study? Hopscotch Adoptions, will be happy to provide you with a list of Hague Accredited agencies in your state of residence (if available) that other families have worked with.

*For Home Study and Post Adoption Services for US Families Residing Abroad, Contact Hopscotch Adoptions Directly

Hopscotch Adoption Agency Home Study Program, New York, North Carolina is here for you! If you're thinking about adopting a child, the first thing you'll need is a home study.  If you live in North Carolina, New York or you are a US citizen living abroad, Hopscotch can help.  Hopscotch is a not-for-profit 501(c)3, Hague accredited child placing agency, licensed in the state of North Carolina and authorized in the state of New York. Therefore, we are able to provide pre and post-adoption services to any family residing in either of those states, or abroad.  Regardless if you plan to adopt a child from a Hague or Non-Hague convention country, we are qualified to do both.

NC and NY Families:

• Summer Orphan Host Family Assessment Service

• Domestic Home Study Service

• International Home Study Service Court Reports for Finalization

• Step-parent Adoption Service

Hopscotch Pre and Post Adoption Services Include:

• Home Studies sometimes referred to as pre-placement assessments, for international or domestic adoptions. 

• Home study updates and addendums. 

• Post Placement reports. 

• Post Adoption reports. 

• Assistance with Re-adoption in North Carolina and referral to resources in New York for re-adoption. 

• 35 credit hours of education for families using our placing program as well.  Parental preparedness is your best investment in successful and healthy placement. 

You might be wondering what's involved in completing a home study.  It may look overwhelming, but we're here for you each step of the way.  We've helped many families and we'd like to do the same for you. 

Hopscotch works with families and agencies to complete all services as quickly as possible.

Here is a brief outline of the steps you can expect in completing your home study with Hopscotch:

• Submit an Application to Hopscotch

• Upon acceptance of your application, we will ask you to sign and return a Home Study and Post Placement Agreement.  In return, we'll send your family all the templates you'll need along with a document  checklist, via email

• The family will collect and submit all necessary supporting documents for the home study

• Once all documents are received by Hopscotch, a contract social worker will be assigned

• A required minimum of two interviews with each applicant and/or children in the home and at least one home visit, with a contract social worker, will be scheduled at your convenience. 

• A draft of the home study is submitted to Hopscotch by the contract social worker

• The Director of Clinical Services will review the draft and send it to the family and placing agency (if other than Hopscotch) for review and feedback

• Any necessary edits for factual errors will be completed without charge

• The draft will be sent to the family and placing agency for final review

• The home study will be signed and notarized by Hopscotch

• At least three originals of the home study will be sent to your family and placing agency, or more if needed, just let us know

Hopscotch can get you started on the path to building your family through adoption and it only takes a single email or phone inquiry to start the ball rolling.  If you're ready to make that step, or just learn a bit more, we're here for you and ready to get to work.

Not for profit. 
 Just for kids.