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"Robin and the Hopscotch staff are genuinely concerned about children, and about creating "forever families." Occasionally I run into someone who dislikes international adoptions, and I reflect that they would have a different perspective if they'd known Hopscotch."

—Cindy 67




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We need your help to raise $5,000 urgently.

Ghana NICU: Save A Child's Life

Ghana NICU

Currently, 30% of admissions to the NICU at Ridge Regional Hospital in Accra, Ghana are dying!. For 2012, there were 411 newborn deaths! Currently, oxygen by nasal cannula is the only respiratory support available. Cannulas are often shared among babies, increasing infection risks, and the oxygen supply is frequently depleted. The high level of neonatal loss is devastating to parents and demoralizing to staff. Many of the deaths could be prevented with a few simple changes. We need to raise funds for some renovations to the physical space and then we will introduce technology that is widely utilized in the US to improve outcomes. A little can go a long way to give these babies a chance to live (see photo). We are committed to improving these outcomes.



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