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New Adoption Legal Codes 2010


Hopscotch joyfully announces our two pending cases have finally been granted full and final adoption decrees!  Hopscotch is now accepting new applications for children with non-correctable special needs only. It is not advisable to submit a dossier with expectations of adopting a typical child or child with minor correctable needs at this time.




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Georgia infant and child adoption. Adopting a Georgian child. Adopt Georgia children.

New Adoption Legal Codes 2010

Hopscotch Is Now Accepting New Applications For Children
With Non-Correctable Special Needs

It is not currently advisable to submit a dossier with expectations of adopting a' typical' child or child with minor correctable needs at this time.

Hopscotch joyfully announces the first Hague adoption has been completed and a second adoption was completed recently.  Two more Hopscotch cases are awaiting court hearings.  

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Program Overview for Georgia

Georgian children are not available to be adopted internationally until after they have been registered by the government for an 8 month period and all domestic options have failed to place the child. Typically, these children will have non-correctable special needs. Children are identified and referred by the Ministry of Health’s (MOH), Social Service Agency (SSA). Eligible children reside in foster care or orphanages. The quality of care cannot be measured due to the lack of supervision and monitoring of children in foster care. The SSA offers referrals with medical and social history reports, photos and access to an independent medical examination by a US embassy panel physician. At this time, children available for adoption have non-correctible special needs, physical (and possibly emotional) delays as a result of institutional care. Georgia permits the adoption of infants, older children, sibling groups or unrelated children. Upon acceptance of a referral, Hopscotch will provide updates consisting of videos, photos and reports from the foster family, as permitted by the SSA.

Eligible Applicants

Georgia accepts married couples and single women as eligible to apply for infants, toddlers or older children. Divorce and non-Christian faith are acceptable, but must not have a criminal record or substance abuse history.

Program & Process

To begin the process, a complete apostilled dossier, sans an approved I-800A, also known as the I-797C Notice of Favorable Determination, is submitted to the Social Service Agency (SSA) by a designated power of attorney within the country. Upon submission of your dossier, Hopscotch will review it for completeness and accuracy and then it will be sent to Georgia for translation and submission to the SSA. Your dossier is hand-delivered to the SSA and registered for approval by Hopscotch's in country partner. This step will take approximately 1-2 months. Once the SSA approves the family for adoption, a search can begin for a suitable referral within the government registry of internationally available children. Once the child is identified, the SSA offers a medical and social history report, photos and access to an independent medical examination by a US embassy panel physician; provides private licensed foster care. Though not required, the SSA and Hopscotch strongly encourage your visitation of the referred child prior to accepting and registering the child for adoption. This can be accomplished in a short 4 day trip by one or both parents, or you may accept a referral via a letter of acceptance through our legal representative. An official acceptance takes place when your referral has been evaluated by an International Adoption Specialist or other medically experienced service provider and a letter has been submitted to the SSA indicating acceptance. The SSA allows prospective parents a two week period to consider each referral.

Next, the child’s documents and your dossier begin the final approval process. The MOH produces a Letter of Conclusion. Once this letter is obtained, a collection of documents, comprising the Article 16 package, is collected and forwarded to Hopscotch. Once the 800 package is completed by Hopscotch, it is submitted to USCIS for adjudication and pre-approval. The pre-approval is then communicated, Hopscotch will assist you in filing the DS-260 which then in turn notifies the US embassy to issue an Article 5, signifying permission to request a court hearing for the child's adoption in the Georgian court. The court date is requested in the form of a letter from the family. Hopscotch will assist with each step. This process can take approximately 1-4 months to complete. Once a court date is secured, you will be notified to travel to Georgia with a two week notice to begin the process of completing your adoption.

If married, BOTH parents must travel and attend court. After court, one parent may depart and leave the other parent with a Power of Attorney to complete the process. It is also possible both parents may choose to depart after court and return in 20 days to complete the adoption process through the US embassy. Once the court hearing takes place there is a 15-day waiting period before the court decree is issued. Once the court decree is issued, the finalization process will begin and conclude in approximately 9-11 days. A total stay of 20 days should be anticipated, unless the court deems a medical waiver is permissible. In this case, your stay would be reduced to approximately 10 days. Hopscotch has no influence on the judge's decision to grant or deny a waiting period waiver.

You will be met at the airport by our in-country team and reside in a private host apartment. You will be assisted every step of the way with an English speaking representative. In-country services include a private apartment, transportation, translator and all necessary appointments made on your behalf. Sightseeing is optional, but we hope you’ll take full advantage of coming to know and love Georgia.

Post Adoption reporting is required by the Social Service Agency of Georgia. This consists of a 3 month, 6 month, 1 year and annually thereafter until the child reaches the age of 18 years.

Upon request, Hopscotch discloses the following information to all prospective adoptive clients:

• The number of parents who apply to adopt through Hopscotch Adoptions' program annually.

• The number of adoptive placements Hopscotch Adoption has made annually.

• The number and percentage of those placements that have disrupted or dissolved.

• The number of children eligible for adoption and awaiting referral from any Hague compliant country from which Hopscotch Adoptions assists in child placement, when known.

To request this information, please contact our office and we will respond to you within 7 business days.

The Country

The ancient and historically significant country of Georgia borders Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey. The climate is similar to the southeastern section of the United States. The terrain is mountainous and often lush, as evidenced by the beautiful sea sides and stunning views from every city vista. Georgia is the second nation to adopt Christianity as the national faith. St. Nino brought Christianity to Georgia in 317 AD. The primary Church is the Georgian Orthodox Church. Georgians are spiritually and physically beautiful people with creamy fair to dark olive complexion, dark hair and dark eyes.


Country Post Adoption or Post Placement Requirements



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