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Adopt an Infant or Child from Armenia. Armenia Children Adoption.

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Country of Armenia Adoption: Infants and Children Available

Hopscotch's most successful and oldest adoption program assists in the placement of Armenian children from birth to age twelve. Referrals of waiting infants and children are made after a three month government registry period has expired. However, children older than 14 months are rarely offered to adoption, unless they have a significant special need. Children or infants abandoned at birth must remain on a government registry for a period of six months. Armenian infants and children waiting to be adopted, are made known and referred by the Ministry of Social Welfare Services. Eligible Armenian children reside in orphanages and the care is noted as good with regular growth and developmental updates are provided to families when made available to Hopscotch.


Eligible Applicants

Married couples and single women of any heritage or mainstream faith, are eligible to adopt typically healthy infants and children, as well as children with minor to non-correctable special needs. Applicant family size should be no more than 2-3 children presently in the home, but each case is uniquely evaluated. While there is no law requiring a specific income for an applicant family, please speak to Hopscotch further about this PM committee bias to learn more.


Program & Process

Important: Since the implementation of the Hague Inter-country Adoption Treaty, the following timelines are only estimates, and are subject to change without notice, per the Armenian Central Authority.

Upon collection of required documents, your completed dossier is sent to Armenia and translated into Eastern Armenian. Your dossier is hand-delivered to the special committee on adoptions under the government of Armenia’s Prime Minister’s (PM) office. The first PM approval takes approximately 3-4 months, or more.

Upon the first approval, the client family is eligible for a referral. The wait for a referral varies depending on the criteria of children you feel best prepared to parent and can be discussed on a case by case basis. If you are seeking to adopt a 'healthy' infant, you may expect to wait 5 or more years from the time of your dossier submission.  If you are open to a child with minor special needs, your wait time will be significantly less.  Families open to children with non-correctable special needs are encouraged to visit our waiting child page and should expect an expedient process.  Once the child is made known to Hopscotch, you will be invited to travel to Armenia and personally visit your unofficial referral. You may or may not be provided with brief information about the child’s health prior to your travel. If permitted and made available to Hopscotch by the Central Authority of Armenia, your unofficial referral will consist of three to five photographs, in addition to a brief medical and social history.

Soon afterwards, you will receive a travel notification for a 5-7 day trip to Yerevan, Armenia. Once there, you will meet with the Ministry of Justice and receive permission to personally meet your assigned referral. You may choose to have the referred child undergo an independent medical evaluation. Hopscotch encourages families to contract with an International Adoption Specialist to assist them in the evaluation of the referred child while in country and where many questions can be answered by the orphanage director or the attending physician. Upon acceptance of your referral, your acceptance will be recorded with the Ministry of Justice. The referral will now be considered official.

Next, the child’s documents and your dossier begin the final approval process. This process can take approximately 3-5 months, or more. Finally, your case file will return to the PM office for a final approval. This process can take between 1-2 months. Once your final PM approval has been obtained, our in country partners will be permitted to obtain several documents that comprise the Article 16 package. These documents undergo a certified translation to English and are shipped to Hopscotch. This step can take 2-4 weeks. Once Hopscotch receives your Article 16 package, we will review the contents for accuracy and completeness, complete the required documentation for the I-800 package and send a copy to you for review and edit. Once completed, Hopscotch sends your I-800 package to USCIS for processing. USCIS may take up to 2 weeks to scan and register your package in their electronic filing system. You will receive a notification of the package receipt directly from USCIS. The file is then forwarded to the National Benefits Center (NBC), where an assigned officer will review and adjudicate the pre-approval for the child you intend to adopt. NBC may take up to 90 days to complete this step.

Once NBC issues the pre-approval, a cable will be forward to the National Visa Center (NVC) and then on to the US Embassy in Yerevan. The US embassy will review your file and communicate with Armenia's Ministry of Justice. Once complete, your case will be issued an Article 5 letter and our in country partners are invited to submit documentation on your behalf. The US embassy will then give notice and permission for your court date to be assigned.

Typically, a family should expect a 2-3 week notice to arrive in Armenia for your child's adoption hearing. If married and only one parent travels, a Power of Attorney is provided. There is a 30-day wait following court, however the judge typically waives the period and can take 1-7 days to issue a favorable opinion. After obtaining the court decree, the finalization process will begin and conclude in approximately 21-25 days.
You will be met at the airport by our English speaking in-country team and reside in a private host apartment. You will be assisted every step of the way with an English-speaking representative. In-country services include a private apartment, transportation, translator and a nanny upon request. All necessary appointments are made on your behalf. Sightseeing is optional, but we hope you take full advantage of coming to know and love Armenia.


The Country

The ancient and historically significant country of Armenia borders Azerbaijan, Republic of Georgia and Turkey. The climate is similar to the southeastern section of the United States. The terrain is rocky and dry, as evidenced by the architecture and striking structural use of stone. Armenia is the first nation to adopt Christianity as the national faith. The primary Church is the Armenian Apostolic Church. Armenians are physically beautiful people with creamy fair to dark olive complexion, dark hair and dark eyes.


Country Post Adoption or Post Placement Requirements



Contact Hopscotch Adoptions directly to request a fee schedule.


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